Date / Time
7:15pm Friday
8:00pm Saturday

That year, the night lasted five months in a row. Every day, when Benjamin Dupont woke up, the sun had been below the horizon for hours. Between 10pm and 4am, locked up secretly in Studio S**** with Marc Portheau, they piled up guitars, turned over amps, chopped over riffs, simplified arrangements and arbitrated. In the early morning, Lauriane Petit sees Benjamin coming back as she leaves to work. Without a word, he lies down. The sun pulls on his eyelids while, in his head, the journey continues: the pieces of music he recorded all night long slip into his dreams.

There was no need for drugs to record “Vacuum Sealed”. The intensity of the ten songs that compose the album was enough to make the rest of the world disappear. The music is so massive, its presence so thick, that after a month of work, Benjamin and Marc couldn’t even talk to each other. Everything was already there, in front of them. “Vacuum Sealed” would become an absolute classic.

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