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Date / Time
3:30pm Thursday
9:15pm Friday

The members of Brooklyn’s favorite art punk band Gustaf picked up some off-the-cuff hobbies during lockdown. Guitarist Vram Kherlopian began playing online chess with strangers, while lead singer Lydia Gammill tried her hand at making homemade paper.

The domesticities that kick off our interview are a far-cry from what one might expect from one of New York City’s most exciting pre-pandemic live acts. As the world continues to re-open around us, Gustaf — composed of Lydia, Vram, bassist Tine Hill, vocalist/percussionist Tarra Thiessen and drummer Melissa Lucciola — are getting back on the saddle in a big way. The raucous quintet, which made a name for themselves in the Brooklyn scene with punchy guitar distortions and hard drums, anchored by Lydia’s carefree drawl, are at long last formally releasing their debut studio album.

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