(Ireland {Republic})


Date / Time
9:00pm Thursday

‘People Feel’ the lead single and title track from the upcoming EP is a statement of intent with a vocal delivery so direct, it’s hard not to feel the chorus when it comes. The vocals tell a story that is accompanied by hard-hitting and driven electronic drums, dancefloor-enticing basslines and melodic guitar lines. People Feel is probably the simplest track from the EP, but it’s a smack of intention and the perfect single to welcome listeners, old and new, into the world of People Feel. The song writing process for the EP was a practice in opening up to yourself about how you feel and being as honest as possible in doing so. Without getting overly personal or exclusive in the lyrics, Nixer have managed to capture a range of feelings and emotions that are instantly relatable to all. ‘People Feel’ the single, which takes places on a nightclub dance floor, opens up with “I left my lover inside, I tell them that I smoke and escape for moments in the night”, a calculated lie to escape.

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