(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
1:30pm Friday

Queen Millz isn’t about to be silenced. A silver-tongued rapper from Leicester, she spent 2020 battling against preconceptions, releasing a string of fantastic singles that moved from style to style. But then
came lockdown, and the world changed. Instead of being defeated, though, Queen Millz changed too – a social media star, her freestyles earned shout-outs from her peers, and took her all the way from IG Live to ITV News. Her track ‘Suffocating’ with heavy bass DJ pioneer AC Slater and Qlank became an absolute anthem, a multi-million stream hit named the official theme song for EDC Vegas last year; cheeky single ‘Mill$’ and emotional SB:TV freestyle ‘Hear Me Out’ illustrated her breadth – at times, it feels as though there’s nothing she can’t achieve. Now this explosive all-rounder is ready to take on the world. Her incoming mixtape ‘Causing A Scene’ is a
dynamic, multi-layered, and incredibly infectious exhibition of her talents, with each song acting as a mission statement.

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