Somadina is making music for herself. Part of the global generation of women where literally anything and nothing is simultaneously possible, Somadina is finding her way one song at a time and cutting straight to the point.
Her music is a tribute to the multiplicity of coming of age in a culture of metamodernism. As she puts it – “We’re living in a world where female power is celebrated and encouraged, while also vilified and constantly redefined – just to make it that little bit more elusive and unobtainable!” In her 22 years, Somadina has travelled the globe, collecting experiences from a variety of places to call home. The genre blending nature of Somadina’s music is testament to her disparate references and ability to create her own unique sound. While Somadina’s music varies from track to track her unmistakable powerhouse of a voice is the ever present connection across her work. “If people can both hear and see my vision, I figure they should be able to feel it..”

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