(UK (Scotland))


Date / Time
11:20pm Thursday

VLURE defy the rules, rip up the trends and create new ones. With a certain honesty and a manic vulnerability, they confront you and get under your skin. They make you feel things, the way music should. The Glasgow five piece blur the lines between live electronics, jarring guitars and the performance sensibilities of their post punk contemporaries. Synth laden hooks and club influenced rhythms find their way twisting around emotionally confronting lyrics. Their dedication to audience engagement and chest pummelling presents itself in an intense, yet life affirming live show.

Debuting as a live project, the group made their first appearance at 2019’s The Great Escape Festival in Brighton; holding life to account in the basement of The Queens Hotel, and in the halls of ‘Showcasing Scotland’s One Church. Since then, the band have taken their set to UK festivals and showcases across the calendar, selling out a string of hometown headlines in Glasgow and another in Edinburgh.

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