(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
1:30pm Friday
7:00pm Friday

Surrounded by an air of mystique, East London songstress Bel Cobain is akin to some of musics’ timeless voices and is her most joyful on stage with her band. Made up of; Benji ‘Chief’ Appiah on drums, Jonah Scott on bass, Santiago Morales on percussion, Charlie Tappin on keys, Keahnne Whitby on sax and Poppy Daniels on trumpet, they will be performing at Love Supreme this summer with other dates soon to be announced.

This July, Bel releases her double single, ‘Leader’ and ‘Unsafe House’, produced by Santiago Morales. ’Leader’ is brimming with organic sounds and musicality from Bel and her close-knit band who fuse Latin and Afrobeat to create a jovial yet passionate foundation for her relatable lyrics to come alive. ‘Leader’ expresses the unspoken power of submission through a fresh lens of empowerment and sexual liberation, shining a light on the freedom of surrendering and allowing yourself to be led.

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