Bighead Tea Drinkers

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
9:30pm Wednesday

Bighead Tea Drinkers are bored of hearing the same
‘indie band’ cliches over and over again. This four piece
are doing indie rock in a way that’s never been done
before. Between clean and absolutely filthy, the group’s
sound finds itself somewhere in the middle. With
influences from just about everywhere from Lana Del
Rey to Deftones.
The Year 2023 has cemented the notion that they are a
band to keep your eye on. With the release of singles
‘Where Is The Love?’ and ‘The Way She Goes’, as well
as unforgettable headline shows in Brighton and
Following the release of their latest single ‘Hours’ in
December, it is clear to see that there is much more to
come from the band in 2024.
The band is comprised of Kian Ramsay on bass,
Marshall Tyce playing Drums, Ellie Hart on Lead Guitar
and Freddie Brindle singing Lead Vocals and Guitar.

Full Line-Up