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4:00pm Thursday
6:30pm Thursday

For Yorkshire’s Fiona-Lee, the final year of her teens was about as formative as they come. Fraught with grief, uncertainty and frustration, it was a year that forced her to grow up fast, to navigate the kind of hardships that could easily make a person lose hope. Now 24, she has rounded those experiences into an EP of stoic feminine power, a hand held out to the listener to remind them that life can and must go on. “When you’re 19, you have no idea who the fuck you are; I still don’t now,” she laughs. “But even when I was just playing alone on acoustic guitar, I always knew I wanted to sound big — big and impactful and full of energy.” Growing up in Howden, Fiona-Lee was always drawn to music that evoked strong rallying feelings. Raised on her parents’ live albums of Bruce Springsteen, Genesis and Pink Floyd, her path was truly fixed when she discovered Kings of Leon, enthralled by their raucous country rock feel.

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