Keiynan Lonsdale



Date / Time
1:30pm Thursday
10:30pm Friday

Multi-hyphenate artist Keiynan Lonsdale was raised in a storm of energy, with relentless expression, and the fiery backdrop of Western Sydney’s North St Mary’s. Australian, Nigerian, & Irish, born in 1991, and with 11 siblings, he made sense of his unique lens by embodying the language of art; first with music, then dance, & then acting. He had an extremely hard working single mother, plus an instinctive desire to tell unifying stories at a young age – this sets the tone for an empowered dreamer to break beyond social & economic barriers, to forge new realities. Not only has Keiynan Lonsdale made a global name for himself as an award winning entertainer across film, TV, fashion & music, he has become an icon for authentic representation, and has helped make a better life for the family that made him strong & electric.

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