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Date / Time
9:15pm Thursday

Born and bred in Queens, New York, Lexa Gates is a talented singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer. Her journey in music began at a young age, with her passion for composing melodies and singing emerging as early as 9 years old. She initially shared her music on SoundCloud, debuting her first tracks in 2019 and eventually releasing full bodies of work, often crafted in her own DIY basement studio – her latest titled, “Universe Wrapped In Flesh”. Among her repertoire, the song “Angel” stands out as a notable track that has garnered significant attention for Lexa. Its success has contributed to the growth of her fan base, drawing in listeners who are captivated by her bold and ambitious style of expression. Lexa’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and deliver compelling lyrics keeps her audience engaged and eagerly awaiting her future releases, poised for a promising and bright future ahead.

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