Date / Time
3:15pm Thursday
9:15pm Thursday

Mock Media, Canada’s new supergroup, contains members: Evan Aasen, Garnet Aronyk Muhammad, Austin Boylan and Bennett Smith. Mock Media originates in Vernon, British Columbia, a small farming town surrounded by blue lake and majestic mountain ranges. Such wholesome beginnings naturally sparked a heady wanderlust and DIY-spirit within its founding members.

Mock Media’s debut LP Mock Media II, out Nov 17th on Meat Machine, captures this firebrand four piece’s head-on plunge into enthralling existential contradictions: songs that explore the darkest corners of humanity yet come out at the other end with the unwavering joy that marked their genesis. It’s an album of sneak eclecticism, the high-wired punk rock stylings serve as Mock Media’s framework to clad their agog explorations into pop, electronic, and world folk music.

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