Date / Time
9:15pm Thursday
3:30pm Friday

Nusantara Beat, the six-piece band hailing from Amsterdam, is quickly becoming a must-see act. With a deep connection to their Indonesian roots and a passion for honoring their cultural heritage, Nusantara Beat brings a fresh and modern take on traditional Indonesian music.
Nusantara Beat creates a unique sound that blends traditional Indonesian songs from the 20th century with their own style and creativity. The result is a mesmerizing mix of tropical and mystical sounds that take the audience on a journey to the land of their ancestors.
But Nusantara Beat isn’t just about honoring tradition. They also strive to showcase the rich diversity of Indonesian music and take it into the future. With their music, they pay tribute to traditional sounds while bringing their own innovative twists to the mix.
The bands first single got airplay on FIP Radio.
The band played Beaches Brew (IT) Dekmantel (NL) and Lowlands (NL) festival among others.

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