oh alien



Date / Time
12:30pm Thursday

The wild garden, densely overgrown and infested with weeds – an exciting place that could
definitely benefit from tender care. A bit like the inner workings of a person in a process of
growth. The Vienna-based band oh alien embarks on an exploration here, a little fearful yet full
of shimmering hope, aiming to feel comfortable again in their inner forests.
The inflated crises of the mid-20s are reflected upon – things are uprooted, replanted and
repotted. Which plants might flourish, and which await the fate of weeds?
After releasing their first EP “This Might Be The Place” (2022), oh alien teamed up with musician
and producer Sixtus Preiss and spent an intense summer in the studio. Their resulting debut
album – which also involved Grammy award-winning US mixer Chris Tabron (BeyoncĂ©, Lianne La
Havas…) – is a debut that plays all the pieces.

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