AIM & Downtown – The Path to Independence: A Success Story

Presented by AIM

The route of independence is an increasingly popular choice for artists and labels. The independent sector offers a wealth of services and tools for artists and labels to thrive in their career and monetize their music, whilst remaining completely empowered over their rights. Why has this become a more popular path and how do artists and labels work with their distributors and teams to achieve success?

Downtown is the world’s largest independent music services company with over 2 million clients and services across distribution, publishing, marketing, royalty accounting and more. Join members of Downtown and FUGA in conversation with their label clients as they discuss individual success stories, how music service companies can help and why the relationship between all parties is what counts the most.


Bronya Francis, Head of Marketing – Supernature
Karma Bertelsen, Marketing Strategy Director, EMEA – FUGA
Peter Capstick, Senior Manager, Record Label – Marshall Records
Conrad Withey, CEO – FRTYFVE
Napper Tandy, Founder & CEO – One House
Emma Cordell, Director of Media & Partnerships – Downtown Music