Spain: Spain, Europe and Latam..Joining the DOTS

Presented by The Spanish Wave and ALTAFONTE

Moderated by Tomas Crespo from Altafonte, featuring esteemed guests from the vibrant Spanish and UK Music industry including Maxime Dodinet (Sony Music), Beatriz de la Guardia (Planet Events at Live Nation Spain), Chiara Hellquist Martínez (senior music and talent manager at VEVO Spain), Jose Luis Seijas (Candela Records / Latino Life UK), Mar Rojo (Sonido Muchacho), Fernando Montes (William Morris Endeavour UK) and Carlos Abreu (United Talent Agency).

This panel discusses Spain as a hotbed of musical talent, so much so that it can provide a business bridge between the Latam continents and Europe. What are the first steps and recommendations for European artists trying to cross the bridge to Latam territories? Our experts will discuss the do’s and dont’s in attempting to break the Latam market. Also on the agenda: is so-called “Latin Music” really happening in UK and Europe? Or is it just a USA phenomenon?

Tomas Crespo – ALTAFONTE (Moderator)
Mar Rojo – Sonido Muchacho
Fernando Montes – WME
Jose Luis Seijas – Candela Records / Latino Life
Beatriz de la Guardia – Planet Events
Maxime Dodinet – Sony Music
Carlos Abreu – UTA
Chiara Hellquist – VEVO