Reasons for artists to attend TGE

The Great Escape is on the horizon and our programming team are busy building the line up, working their way through the thousands of brand new exciting artists that have applied to play this year!

All acts that are chosen to play the festival will be contacted no later than 31st March 2024.

If you are not selected to play TGE 2024 we would really love for you to come along to the festival and take advantage of the opportunities for emerging artists. Here are five key reasons to attend The Great Escape as a new artist…

Peer-to-Peer Networking
TGE is the event where emerging artists can gather, exchange ideas, and create connections. The Great Escape has 500 new acts from across the globe in attendance each year on the main festival programme with an additional 100+ artists playing The Alternative Escape. Whether you’re sharing stories, jamming together, or simply soaking in the collective energy, the peer-to-peer networking opportunities are endless.

Industry-Grade Networking
The Great Escape attracts a vibrant mix of record labels, producers, managers, journalists, influencers and more eager to discover the next big thing. Seize the chance to engage with industry experts and explore potential collaborations.

Revamped Conference Learning
This year, our conference is getting a makeover! Join our revamped conference sessions designed to provide actionable insights into the music industry. These learning opportunities are tailored to equip you with the tools new artists need.

Creative Learning from Fellow Acts:
The Great Escape is not just a festival; it’s a creative melting pot where you can learn from fellow artists, exchange tips and tricks, and discover fresh perspectives that will fuel your artistic journey.

Vibes of Brighton:
Nestled in the vibrant and artistic city of Brighton, TGE offers more than just a musical experience. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this coastal gem, where creativity flourishes. The city itself becomes a source of inspiration, adding an extra layer of magic to your overall festival experience.

If you have applied to play The Great Escape 2024 we have emailed a special artists discount link for you to purchase festival tickets.

For access to the conference panels and industry networking events, delegate passes can be purchased here –