Council of Music Makers

Thursday 16th May 2024 – A full day of talks, discussions, case studies and insights presented by Council of Music Makers


Council of Music Makers

Council of Music Makers are the umbrella organisation representing the Ivors Academy, FAC, MMF, MPG and the MU. This day will cover key areas for anyone in the business of music creation.


• The Manifesto of the Music-Makers
• Streaming remuneration
• Collaboration: the challenges of making music, getting credited and paid
• Touring Sustainability
• Building and Managing a Team for Artists


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10:00 – The Manifesto of the Music Makers
The UK Music Landscape – Music Consumption Trends, Fans and Overseas Success

Who are the Music Makers? Your chance to meet the 5 heads of the organisations who comprise the Council of Music Makers and hear from them about the latest campaigns – from negotiations with Government on Creator Remuneration, to ensuring music makers have control of the use of their music, voice and likeness with the evolution of AI to campaigns on grassroots and international touring. Hear about what they do to represent their memberships and bring all your questions.


Chief Executives/Chairs of the 5 CMM members

Naomi Pohl, General Secretary, Musicians Union
David Martin, CEO, Featured Artists Coalition
Annabella Coldrick, Chief Executive, MMF
Roberto Neri, CEO, Ivors Academy
Cameron Craig, Executive Director, Music Producers Guild

11:30 – In Conversation: YolanDa Brown and Tom Gray
Providing one of the keynote conversations on Thursday 16th May will be Tom Gray, Chair of the Ivors Academy interviewed by YolanDa Brown OBE, Chair of the BPI. Representing songwriters and record labels across the UK music industry, both are successful artists in their own right and in this session, will cover what the industry needs to do to protect music copyright and culture on a legislative level.

Tom Gray – Musician / Chair of the Ivors Academy / Labour PPC for Brighton Pavilion
YolanDa Brown OBE – Musician / Broadcaster / Chair of the BPI

12:30 – Collaboration: Making music, getting credited and paid
This panel will explore the pressing issues facing creators, exploring how credits can help music makers get the attention they deserve and secure future work. Credits are a vital part of the talent pipeline, creating a balanced and fair music-maker community. No Credit, No Career.

We will also look at the Credits Due campaign to help music makers understand what the numbers mean, how can creators collaborate in and out of the studio and what tools are people using (including AI) to help track credits.


Charlie Phillips – Ivors Academy (Moderator)
Matt Taylor – MPG
Nick Eziefula – Simkins/Performer
Liam McMellon – VEVA Sounds
Cicely Balston – Mastering Engineer, AIR Studios
Ric Flo – Artist

13:45 – Costs and challenges of touring sustainability
This panel will focus on the challenges of making touring sustainable in the broadest sense of the word – economically, environmentally and mentally. Speakers will provide advice and tips and answer your questions on how to tackle the financial challenges of domestic and international touring; from building green clauses into contracts with promoters, to taking care of your team’s mental and physical health on the road.


Natalie Witts-Kilshaw – Musicians’ Union
Ross Patel – MMF & LIVE Green
Chris Roberts – Musicians’ Union Member
Dr Arun Castro – Roadie Medic

15:15 – Building and Managing your Dream Team
This panel dives deep into the thrilling (and sometimes chaotic) world of building a successful artist team. Hear from artist Sam Tompkins and his dream team (Manager, Label, Booking Agent) as they share the secrets to:

Assembling a diverse and powerful team that fuels your creative vision. How to know when it is right and when not.
Conquering the challenges of touring, content creation, and budget Prioritising
Prioritising mental health for both artists and their teams in a demanding industry.
Setting professional boundaries for a sustainable and thriving career.
Whether you’re a new artist just starting out, or looking to take your career to the next level, this panel offers invaluable insights and practical strategies to navigate the exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) journey of building a dream team in the music industry.

Annabella Coldrick – Chief Executive, MMF
Nimesh Jani – Artist Manager / 939 Management
Sam Tompkins – Artist
Kazia Davy – Live Agent / UTA
Daniel Lloyd Jones – Head of A&R/ Island Records UK

16:30 – In Conversation: Colin Newman and Malka Spigel-Newman
Join us for a special conversation with Colin Newman and Malka Spigel-Newman, who’ll discuss their experiences in the acclaimed post-punk bands Wire, Swim and Pink Flag, as well as owning your rights as an artist and a life experimenting in music, including their ongoing project Immersion.

Moderated by David Martin – CEO, Featured Artists Coalition


Council of Music Makers will be at The Great Escape Conference on Thursday 16th May 2024 at the Leonardo Royal Waterfront Hotel in Brighton and is open to anyone with a TGE delegate or conference pass.