Night Time Industries Association (NTIA)

Friday 17th May 2024 – A full day of talks, discussions, case studies and insights presented by NTIA


Night Time Industries Association

Night Time Industries Association is a membership organisation representing over 100 nightclubs, live music venues from around the country and are the voice of the night time community. They lobby the government, authorities and other key departments to change policy and regulations.


• Global Perspectives and Approaches to Night Time Economy and Culture
• Creating Safe Queer Spaces: The Importance of Inclusive Safeguarding
• The Empowerment of Youth and the Crisis of Political Faith


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10:00 – Global Perspectives and Approaches to Night Time Economy and Culture
This panel aims to explore the global perspectives and approaches to the night time economy and culture. With the growing importance of the night time economy in cities worldwide, it is crucial to understand the diverse strategies and policies being implemented by different countries and regions. By examining these global perspectives, we can identify successful strategies, innovative approaches, and potential challenges for leveraging the night time economy to enhance cultural vibrancy, economic growth, and social well-being.


Michael Kill – CEO NTIA
Lutz Leichsenring – Co Founder VibeLab
Carly Heath – NTE Advisor Bristol
Sacha Lord – NTE Advisor Greater Manchester

11:30 – The Influence of Music Recognition Technology and Music Intelligence on Business and Consumer Choices
In recent years, the development of music recognition technology has transformed the way we interact with music. From platforms like Shazam and SoundHound that can identify songs within seconds to AI-driven recommendation algorithms, music recognition technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated. This panel aims to explore the advancements in music recognition technology and its potential impact on business and consumer choices in the future.


Chris Lewis – PRS for Music
Silvia Montello – CEO Voicebox Consulting
Greg Marshall – Alpha Theta Lead for Kuvo
Dick Leijen – Director, DJ Monitor

13:00 – Making A Scene: City Showcases and their Local and Global Impact
With showcase festivals taking place in cities around the world, music fans are presented with an opportunity to not only dig deep into a city’s music scene and culture, but the events themselves can help to support and grow the city’s music infrastructure, as well as their global reputation. This panel will explore the ways in which festivals can help boost a city’s international profile as well as supporting the local music scene and infrastucture, with expert insights from around the globe.

Christoph Storbeck – Linecheck / Ypsigrock
Michael Lambert – Wide Days
Allegra Swanson – Music Nova Scotia
Moderator: Georgie Rogers

14:15 – The Empowerment of Youth and the Crisis of Political Faith
Welcome to a discussion on how youth culture has lost faith in politics and the potential impact of youth empowerment through representation on the course of our country. In this session, we will delve into the underlying causes behind the disillusionment of young people with politics and explore the potential benefits that increased youth representation could bring to our society.

15:15 – Creating Safe Queer Spaces: The Importance of Inclusive Safeguarding
This panel discussion will explore the significance of safe queer spaces and the vital role that inclusive safeguarding plays in creating these environments. We will delve into the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, emphasising the need for safe spaces where individuals can express their authentic selves without fear of discrimination or harm.


Deborah Hewitt – Co Founder, LLSOM
Megan Wallace – Editorial Director GAY Times
Steven Braines – Co-Founder He.She.They
Lewis G Burton – Founder of Inferno
Toby Nathan – Promoter, Louder / Worried About Henry

16:30 – In Conversation: They Think It’s All Sober
The They Think It’s All Sober podcast will present a live conversation with creators Jamie Osman, Tom Hollings and special guest Izzy Bee Phillips from Black Honey, discussing their journey towards sobriety, the prevalence of alcohol / drugs in the music industry, and what can be done to help those with addiction issues to find support. Previous podcast guests include Matt Willis (Busted) and RØRY among many others.


Izzy Bee Phillips – Artist, Black Honey
Jamie Osman – They Think It’s All Sober
Tom Hollings – They Think It’s All Sober


Night Time Industries Association will be at The Great Escape Conference on Friday 17th May 2024 at the Leonardo Royal Waterfront Hotel in Brighton and is open to anyone with a TGE delegate or conference pass.